We always take into account the needs of our clients and market demands, so throughout this year, we have been actively developing our products, expanding their functionality and capabilities.

We have transferred all our products to version 4.0, in which the architecture of the entire ecosystem of Smiddle software products has been revised for ease of installation and configuration of the system as a whole. This update makes it faster and easier to integrate our solutions into the company system.

Smiddle Campaign Manager - a solution for organizing and running large outbound calling campaigns in the contact center.

With the updated functionality of the Campaign Manager software solution, you can:

- to perform autostart launch of the generated additional call list, which can be prepared in advance or during the operation of the main one.

- launch the mechanism of fast collection of results of Cisco Dialer UCCE. Now they are picked up in the background every minute, this parameter can be adjusted individually.

- also, now you can create template messages and start their bulk sending in Viber and SMS through the GMSU provider manually or according to the schedule of created template messages.

- redesign of the Report Constructor allowed adding descriptions and examples of report templates, as well as creating a new type of reports.

For the convenience of the user, the ability to localize the results into the required language through the DICTIONARY manual has been added.

In addition, we have expanded the capabilities of the Smiddle Agent Scripting solution, now, when building a script, you can add buttons to send geolocation and phone numbers in instant messengers.

Also, the work of the chatbot has been improved and a new service mode Visual IVR has been added. In Visual IVR mode, the script is launched at the request of the client through the Smiddle Omnichannel solution and is executed in a separate web interface, which is adapted for mobile resolution, which allows the user to independently obtain all the necessary information very quickly.

In the Smiddle Security Administration Platform solution, the export of triggers collected by the inventory module from Cisco Firepower is implemented, including the enrichment of ArcSight with up-to-date IOCs.

To simplify the work with our products, we have created the Smiddle Process Manager software module, which is implemented as a widget and is designed to inform the system user about the status and progress of resource-intensive processes running in it.

We are doing our best to ensure that all our products are as effective and convenient as possible. To keep abreast of our updates, follow the news on our website and on the pages of our social networks.