Smiddle Campaign Manager

A software product for conducting and processing the results of large
outbound campaigns in the Contact Center.

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Smiddle Campaign Manager
Smiddle Campaign Manager

Smiddle Campaign Manager Smiddle Campaign Manager

What benefits can Smiddle Campaign Manager bring to your business?

Conducting outgoing campaigns in the call center requires special preparation in order to get a maximum return on ringing round the subscribers list. Whatever your aim is, let it be cold-calling for selling goods and services, or informing the existing customers, careful planning as well as the results processing, contributes greatly to your success.

By using the functional of Smiddle Campaign Manager, you will get a maximum return on your outgoing campaigns in the call center by having a powerful instrument for planning the ringing round campaigns and processing their results!

Smiddle Campaign Manager is the product which helps your business to conduct effective, high-quality ringing round campaigns, involving ringing round the subscribers databases.

Key functions of the module:

  •  Organization of the process of calling customers for different purposes, such as sales, retention, development, informing and so on.
  •  Customization of the necessary customer data structure, separately for every campaign.
  •  Flexible adjustment of the desired structure of results, which the user can create at their own discretion.
  •  Possibility of integration with other systems to transfer and retrieve data (for example, a script from Agent Scripting).
  •  Collection of data to obtain a comprehensive picture of the ringing round campaign, which includes subscriber data, the effectiveness of dialing from Cisco Dialer, the results recorded by agents.

Smiddle Campaign Manager extends Cisco Dialer functional, providing a range of useful functions, which allow to optimize and to create the right structure of the campaign effectively.

By using the product you will be able to:

  •  Import and store the extended subscribers’ data with the possibility of customizing a special structure of subscribers’ data for every campaign separately.
  •  Form different batches of subscribers using filters and segmentation, for example, according to cities and other parameters.
  •  Form the ringing round lists for downloading them to Cisco Dialer out of batches of subscribers, using necessary filters.  Form the ringing round lists for downloading them to Cisco Dialer out of batches of subscribers, using necessary filters.
  •  Customize, obtain and store the ringing round results including the data received from third party systems, such as Smiddle Agent Scripting.
  •  Export the subscribers’ lists with the ringing round results to Excel.

Principle of operation

Principle of operation

In order to create an effective campaign and get relevant results from it, it is necessary to perform certain actions for its preliminary adjustment.

This includes assigning groups and skill groups, setting up Cisco Dialer, prescribing field mapping, registering result codes, choosing the behavior of the system in case errors appear.

Further, the subscriber data is downloaded to Smiddle Campaign Manager. The data from Microsoft Excel files is imported according to the configured field mapping, and subscribers are given initial results values.


With the help of filters from batches of subscribers, call-lists are formed. The system provides the ability to start and pause the campaign manually and automatically (subject to setting the schedule for the week). When the campaign is started, the list of phone numbers of subscribers is transferred to Cisco Dialer, which connects subscribers with free agents.

The agent can record the necessary results right during the conversation. These results are automatically transferred and stored in Smiddle Campaign Manager database. If necessary, it is possible to make repeated calls to subscribers in accordance with the settings made. In the process of calling, it is possible to obtain a statistical section of the intermediate results of the campaign. Statistics can show both the overall results of the campaign in the context of the contact center, and the results of each individual subscriber.

Statistics of the results of the conducted campaigns

After the ringing round is completed, the results can be exported to Microsoft Excel and / or transferred to external systems for further processing and analysis. Statistics can be filtered by certain parameters, which are key in your business. For example, it is possible to get a list of subscribers with whom the agents haven’t managed to get in touch, or a list of subscribers who are interested in purchasing the goods.

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