Smiddle Omnichannel

A software solution that provides messaging between
the clients of the company, users of instant messaging services
and online chat, and contact center agents.

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Smiddle Omnichannel

Smiddle Omnichannel Smiddle Omnichannel

Comfortable communication of the company representatives with the customers through modern, convenient channels ensure mutual understanding, establishment of good relations with customers, maintaining a positive image of the company and prompt problems solution!

Your clients will be happy to communicate with you in the usual way, without bothering to make calls, IVR passing and long waiting on the line.


Get closer to your customers!

Today, users are less likely to make telephone calls, choosing instant messaging services, for example:

viberViber, telegramTelegram, facebook messengerFacebook messenger,    and other

Using instant messengers or a special mobile application for communication is very convenient, since it allows you to continue communication in situations where a telephone conversation is inconvenient or even impossible. Because of technical limitations, many companies cannot provide processing of customer requests via instant messengers, losing some customers. Implementing a solution in the contact center that allows agents to process customer requests from instant messengers and online chat will significantly raise the number of potential calls to the company and increase your profits.

The easier and more comfortable the interaction of users with your company is, the more likely it is that they will become your loyal customers and bring profit to you, because many people are willing to pay for speed and convenience.

Get closer to your customers
Smiddle Omnichannel - is a solution that allows the use of instant messengers and a mobile application for customer interaction with the company in a business-friendly manner due to omnichinality.
Smiddle Omnichannel

Omnichinality allows you to integrate various channels of communication with customers into a single system, work with all instant messengers and online chat simultaneously from a single user interface. All customer requests, no matter which messenger they come from, get into a single window and any agent can take them to work. Thanks to Omnichannel Messenger Connector solution, non-voice calls to the company can be evenly distributed among all agents, thereby ensuring prompt response to requests.

In addition, the solution allows you to transfer files, check them with an antivirus, save the chat history with every client and call it at the agent’s command, communicate using video, use a mobile application.

Also, the status of messages is transferred («prints», «delivered»), the display of popular smilies is supported. The supported contact center systems are – Cisco UCCE (ECE - Enterprise Chat and Email) and UCCX (Social miner).

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The Supported Messengers

Smiddle Omnichannel supports processing of requests from the following messengers:
  • Skype Skype
  • WhatsApp WhatsApp
  • Facebook Facebook
  • Viber Viber
  • Telegram Telegram
  • WebChat WebChat
  • android, ios iOS, Android application

Smiddle Omnichannel Features and Capabilities

Processing messages
Processing messagesfrom all instant messengers in a single window by the contact center agent
Integration with Chat bot
Integration with
Chat bot
Transferring files, images, photos
Transferring files,
images, photos
Use of mobile application
Use of mobile
Voice and video communication
Voice and video
Voice and video
Formation of template messages
of template
Saving chat and call history
Saving chat and
call history
Checking the transferred files by antivirus
Checking the transferred
files by antivirus
Monitoring and logging
Monitoring and
Simplicity and ease of administration
Simplicity and ease of administration


Customer loyalty increase:

  •  A large number of customers want to communicate with companies using instant messengers and other non-voice communication channels. Smiddle Omnichannel solution provides this option.
  •  Ability to reduce customer costs when contacting from abroad, while maintaining the speed of information exchange.
  •  Formation of a positive image of the company.

Competitive advantage:

  •  Seamless and continuous communication with the client. Currently, many companies offer customer service through several channels of communication, but only a small percentage of companies integrate them among themselves.
  •  Improving the efficiency of processing user requests.
  •  Ability to implement chat-bot for partial automation of the requests processing.


  •  Ability to use standard contact center functionality for processing messages.
  •  Ability to use standard contact center reporting to evaluate call statistics.

Smiddle Omnichannel will help you to increase the number of calls to your company and make the processing of requests more efficient. At the same time, the use of this solution will create the image of a modern and up-to-date company.
Certainly, customers will feel that your company has become closer to them!

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