Smiddle Omnichannel

A software solution that provides messaging between the clients of the company,
users of instant messaging services and online chat, and contact center agents.

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Smiddle Omnichannel

Smiddle Omnichannel Smiddle Omnichannel

Omnichannel enables you to integrate various channels of communication with customers into a single system, change communication channels, work with all instant messengers and chats, and make video and audio calls.

This is all done from a single interface in the workplace of the contact center operator.


Get closer to your customers!

Smiddle Omnichannel gives businesses the opportunity to use almost any communication channel directly from the contact center. At the same time, all calls are received by the operator according to the customizable rules of the contact center (i.e. teams, queues, skill groups, etc.). The operator can utilize text communication channels, while communicating with several customers, or, if required, also receive voice calls.

With the Smiddle Omnichannel solution, you get:

All channels in one contact center operator interface: calls, chats, video and file transfers.

Cost reduction by automating the processing of messages by chat bots and using visual IVR menus.

Saving the entire history of communication with the client with convenient search and viewing.

Reducing the processing time of requests –transitions between the windows of different systems is minimized due to the single interface of the contact center.

Meetings with clients online instead of meetings in the office  -a video call with the ability to identify the client, enables you to establish eye contact and assess the emotional state of the client as in a personal meeting.

Unified and complete statistics across all communication channels in the familiar contact center reporting module.

Get closer to your customers
Smiddle Omnichannel solution allows you to implement a true omnichannel service and take full advantage of your contact center. You can make interaction with your company easy and comfortable; you will be able to manage customer loyalty through the use of their preferred communication channels!
Smiddle Omnichannel

To increase the speed and quality of responses, our solution offers a knowledge base tree with fast context search. The presence of service commands makes it easier for operators to work and improve interaction with customers: for example, you can request geolocation, assign a tag to a case record or leave a comment, and block a subscriber. To reduce the number of errors and speed up the onboarding of new operators, you can use service scripts, tips and customer cards. All of this is available in the working interface of the contact center operator without the need to switch to other programs!

If customers do not want to wait for an operator and are ready to perform tasks on their own, they can connect through bots that can work with personal data, integrated with your authorization services. Here are examples of processes that our customers have already implemented with the help of bots: technical support, connecting/disconnecting/changing services, paying for services, checking balances/limits, searching for the nearest branches.

An alternative to face-to-face meetings, Smiddle Site Videocall, is a communication service based on WebRTC technology that enables remote video identification.

If you already use Cisco Webex in your business, you have the option to use it for video communication with your customers, including through your mobile app.

Contact center systems that the solution works with:

Cisco UCCE (ECE - Enterprise Chat and Email) version 11 and higher

Cisco UCCX (Social miner) version 11 and higher

Avaya Call Center Elite Multichannel 6.5 and higher.

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The Supported Messengers

Smiddle Omnichannel supports processing requests from the following messengers:
  • WhatsApp WhatsApp
  • Viber Viber
  • Telegram Telegram
  • Facebook messengerFacebook messenger
  • Instagram Direct Instagram direct
  • WebChat WebChat

Smiddle Omnichannel Features and Capabilities

Processing messages
Processing messages from all instant messengers
in a single
Voice and video communication
Voice communication
Integration with Chat bot
Chatbot (own or external)
Video call
Video call
Use of mobile application
Use of mobile
Transfer images and files
Transfer images
and files
Formation of template messages
of template
Saving chat and call history
Saving chat and
call history
Checking transferred files with an antivirus
Checking transferred files
with an antivirus
Data transfer security according to GDPR and PCI DSS
Data transfer securityaccording to GDPR and PCI DSS


Increase customer loyalty:

  •  A large number of customers want to communicate with companies using instant messengers and other non-voice communication channels. Our omnichannel solution provides this opportunity.
  •  The ability to reduce the costs of customers when contacting from abroad, while maintaining the speed of information exchange.
  •  Formation of a positive image of the company.

Competitive advantages:

  •  Seamless and continuous communication with the client. At the moment, many companies offer customer service through several communication channels, but only a small percentage of companies integrate.
  •  Improved efficiency of processing user requests.
  •  Possibility of implementing a chat-bot for partial automation of the process of processing calls.


  •  The ability to use the standard functionality of the contact center for message processing.
  •  Ability to use standard contact center reporting to evaluate contact statistics.
  •  Full control of queues in voice and non-voice channels, easy connection or change of service channels by the operator depending on their load at the moment.

Smiddle Omnichannel will help increase the number of requests to your company and make the process of processing requests more efficient. At the same time, using this solution will create the image of a modern and up-to-date company. Certainly, customers will feel that your company has become closer to them!

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