Smiddle CRM Connector for Siebel

This software product will allow your agents to carry out all necessary operations in
single window, without switching between Cisco Finesse and CRM Siebel.

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Smiddle CRM Connector for Siebel

Smiddle CRM Connector for Siebel Smiddle CRM Connector for Siebel

High quality of client service, prompt reactions of the agents, effective work of the call center staff as well as collection and storage of data about every client are critical issues for development and flourishing of business. Program solutions, developed by our company, are aimed at the achievement of these purposes, they are created and modernized up-to-date and always meet the requirements of modern business.

One of the problems encountered by the agents of call centers is switching between CRM-system and Cisco interface during conversations with clients. Additional actions lead to delays in processing of customer’s inquiries, waste of time, decrease in the effectiveness of agents’ performance, and sometimes even to the loss of data or inaccuracies in data processing.

Smiddle CRM Connector for Siebel is a software product, which makes the work of call center agents much more comfortable and effective, and, what is even more important, prevents different problems, which can be avoided easily by the utilization of the system, integrating CRM Siebel into Cisco Unified Contact Center solutions.

The main benefit of the use of Smiddle CRM Connector is that the agent can work within a single interface without having to switch between applications, by using Siebel Communication Toolbar.

Smiddle CRM Connector processes customer interactions, such as telephone, e-mail, and other interactions on the agent’s desktop. Considerable saving of time enables the agent to focus on the customers’ requests processing and ensuring fast and prompt replies.

The distinctive features of Smiddle CRM Connector for Siebel are:


    Simplicity of installation and use

    Integration of the system is browser-based. There is no need to install software on the agent’s desktop. The Connector uses the same def file, which is used for standard Cisco Siebel Driver.


    Customization of screen pops with
    customer details information

    Different types of screen pops may be required when a call arrives from a new customer or an existing customer, or when the call comes from an outside caller or is queued to a specific skill group of agents. The system is highly customizable.

    With the use of Smiddle CRM Connector for Siebel, your company will manage to enhance agents’ performance, quality of client service, achieve more accurate registration and processing of customer details, which will contribute to the loyalty of clients and increase of the company revenue.


    Seamless integration with
    Siebel Communications Toolbar

    Smiddle CRM Connector allows agents to place, receive, and transfer customer interactions with full, real-time access to Siebel CRM customer data, which will save money, increase revenue, improve monitoring, and enable your company to enhance customer service.

    The following functions for call managing are available for the agent: answer, hold, retrieve, transfer, conference and consult, Ready, notReady states settings, login and logout, and other options necessary for efficient work.

  • The distinctive features of Smiddle CRM Connector for Siebel are:

    - calling from the Ready state;

    - screen transfer between agents.


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