Smiddle Webex to CCE Connector

The software solution for receiving video calls in the contact center developed based on Cisco Webex,

makes communication with clients closer and can replace the client's visit to the office.

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Smiddle Webex to CCE Connector

smiddle webex to cce connector Video calls for support and identification

Video communication is a real salvation in the modern world. It helps out in difficult situations and is increasingly used not only in everyday life, but also at work. Digitalization inevitably affects the expectations of your customers - they become more demanding. Today's customers expect fast and efficient service, coupled with a personal touch and friendly, real-time communication with agents. They expect support on their own terms using a variety of communication channels including voice, web, chat, video and social media.

With video calls, companies become closer to their clients. After all, despite the active introduction of automation, voice robots and artificial intelligence in communication between companies and their customers, more than 50% of users still prefer live communication, which is necessary to quickly solve problems, increase customer loyalty and increase the conversion of potential customers into real ones.

With Smiddle Webex to Contact Center Enterprise, Cisco Webex, one of the most popular web conferencing services, is now available in your contact center. In terms of the depth of integration with telephony and the quality of communication, this solution is considered the best for large and medium-sized businesses.


Using video for customer service


Remote identification

Remote identification

Unrestricted communications

Unrestricted communications

Face-to-face meetings

Face-to-face meetings


Smiddle Webex to Contact Center Enterprise Connector

The Webex to CCE Connector software solution allows you to organize a video calls between customers and contact center agents using Cisco Webex virtual rooms. Video calls in the contact center are accepted according to the configured logic for processing incoming voice calls. The operator receives and responds to video calls directly in the Cisco Finesse work interface or the CRM work window, such as Siebel. The solution allows for remote online identification of the client for the subsequent provision of services.

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Smiddle Webex to CCE Connector provides the ability to

video calls

Receive video calls according to the call processing logic in the Cisco CCE contact center, taking into account queues, skill groups, call processing scenarios (RONA, WrapUp), etc.

video calls in contact center

Users initiate video calls using a widget on a website or mobile app. Cisco SDK available for iOS, Android and web browser.

share screen

The client can share their screen with the operator during a video call. 

a single interface

The operator processes video messages in the familiar Cisco Finesse interface or CRM.

Save video call

Save video call recordings on premise, sort them and search with filters.

 integrate with CRM

Easy to integrate with CRM to open a customer card on an incoming call.

Additional Benefits

  • Save server resources for video processing through the use of Cisco Webex cloud resources.
  •  Connect other Smiddle software products without additional expenses or settings.
  •  The Smiddle Scripting software solution allows you to open a customer card directly in the Cisco Finesse interface of the contact center.
  •  Access to all available information about the client. Smiddle Omnichannel allows the operator to access caller information collected from all communication channels.
  •  Integration with CRM provides access to the customer card and the ability to send/receive data. 
  •  Scale up by increasing the CPU and RAM resources on the existing VM with the module.

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