Smiddle Messenger Connector

A software product that provides messaging between customers of business,
users of messaging services, and contact center agents.

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Smiddle Messenger Connector
messenger connector

messenger connector Smiddle Messenger Connector

Don’t make your clients get out of their comfort zone! Make interaction with your company easy and comfortable for them. Smiddle Messenger Connector will help you to cope with this task!

Communication and productive contact between the company and its clients with the use of modern communication channels are the issues which really matter for the establishment of good relations with customers and creation of the positive company image. Your clients want to communicate in the way they are used to and not to trouble themselves with telephone conversations and getting through IVR.

Smiddle Messenger Connector is a program complex, which provides the possibility of accepting and processing the messages from instant messengers by Cisco call center agents.


Make a step towards your customers!

Currently, millions of users refuse to use telephony, preferring fast messaging services, for example, Viber or Skype. It is important to find a product that will help to ensure the possibility of communication of customers with your company using channels that are familiar and comfortable for modern people to increase the number of potential appeals to the company and increase your profit.

Business strives to ensure that the purchase of goods and services is the fastest and the easiest for the client, so that they do not have to be distracted from their day-to-day affairs. The easier and more enjoyable the interaction of users with your company is, the more likely they will become your loyal customers and bring profit to your company, because a lot of people are willing to pay for speed and convenience.

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Make a step towards your customers!
messenger connector

Smiddle Messenger Connector is a module that allows not only to use instant messengers for interaction of customers with the company, but also makes their use more convenient for business, thanks to omnichinality. Omnichinality allows you to work with all messengers simultaneously from a single user interface.

This means that all customer requests, regardless of what messenger they are from, fall into a single window and any agent can take them into operation, since the call is not tied to a particular user or phone number.

Thus, thanks to the Messenger Connector module, non-voice calls to the company can be evenly distributed among the agents, thereby reducing the response time to applications. This is designed to reduce the wait time for the client.

Prerequisites for creation of the product:

Increasing popularity of messengers Increasing popularity of messengers
Improvement of the service standards Improvement of the service standards
Competitive pressure Competitive pressure

The messaging services which are supported:

  • Telegram Telegram
  • В Контакте Vkontakte
  • Viber Viber
  • Facebook Facebook
  • Skype Skype
  • WhatsApp WhatsApp

The benefits and advantages your company will get:

Customer loyalty enhancement:

  •  More than 80% of clients use social networks and messengers and expect access to the companies through usual channels.
  •  The possibility of cutting back the expenses of the clients calling from abroad, while the speed of information exchange is still high.
  •  The possibility of implementing chat bots to partially automate the process of handling calls.

Competitive advantage:

  •  Omnichinality. Processing of calls from all messengers through a single user interface.
  •  In spite of a high demand for this service, only a small percentage of companies can offer it.


  •  Possibility of using the standard reports of call center for assessing the statistics of applications.
  •  Possibility of using the standard functional of the call center for handling the applications.
  •  Integration with the help of WEB-frames.

Smiddle Messenger Connector will increase the number of customer interactions with your company, hence, increasing the quantity of your clients. What is more, there will be less stress on your contact center, while the clients will feel that the company has become closer to them!

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