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Boost your Contact Center

We create software solutions
that increase the effectiveness of contact centers

Products and Services

We have created a wide range of products for contact centers, which allow you to achieve better results when implementing the strategies of communication with customers.


A modern software solution for recording and storing conversations in the contact center.

Quality of Service

Quality control of the agents’ performance and the contact center as a whole. Identify the shortcomings of the existing agents training and monitor the effectiveness of trainings.

Smart Callback

The module for automatic routing of the subscriber’s call to the employee's internal number in the company.

Agent Scripting

The system for creating customer communication scenarios for contact center agents.

Campaign Manager

Conducting and processing the results of large outbound campaigns in the contact center.

Messenger Connector

Exchange of messages between the customers, who are the users of fast messaging services, and contact center agents.

Our products can be deployed locally or in the cloud

We constantly improve our products and create new ones. As the team members are highly qualified specialists of contact centers, we can provide soft integration of your corporate systems with a contact center and develop any modules you need.


Smiddle cloud solutions allow you to create a client-oriented system that exactly meets the needs of your company "here and now." No matter how the volume or functionality of the system change, the changes will be introduced easily.

Support 24/7

Ensuring the perfect operation of the contact center is a first priority. Stable work of modules is our main goal. We are available to our customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.