Smiddle Smart Label

A software solution that allows to automatically display the name of a subscriber
on the phone when a call arrives in Cisco telephony.

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Smiddle Smart Label

Smiddle Smart Label Smiddle Smart Label

Smiddle Smart Label is a software product that allows to automatically display the subscriber's name on the telephone for an incoming call in Cisco telephony, which greatly improves the ease of identification. Personal electronic telephone directory of the employee is used for this.

Convenience of communication between company managers and customers is essential for building contacts, working with the client base, informing existing and potential customers about the company's products and services. This, in turn, improves the image of the company, increases customer loyalty and the number of sales.

The software solution Smiddle Smart Label makes the work of the managers more convenient and allows them to personalize the appeals to customers.

Functions of Smiddle Smart Label:

  •  Automatic tracking of incoming calls in Cisco telephony.
  •  Substitution of the subscriber's name together with/instead of his number to be displayed on the telephone.
  •  Customization of a personal telephone directory through the user interface.
  •  Import of personal telephone directory data from Microsoft Excel.
  •  User management:
    •  authorized access;
    •  flexible creation of roles based on the requirements for performing tasks;
    •  assignment of rights through roles;
    •  integration with Active directory;
    •  distribution of access through the tree of groups of users.
  •  Logs.

Smart Label allows the manager to maintain their own telephone directory with customer contacts, which is very convenient when making and receiving calls.

Having information which of the customers is calling, the manager can immediately address the customer by name, which always has a favorable effect on the contact, and in some cases, the manager can have an idea of the possible purpose of the call and get prepared for the conversation.

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