Smiddle Vocalizer

A software solution for voice-over of data to the client
in the process of their interaction with IVR.

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Smiddle Vocalizer

Smiddle Vocalizer Smiddle Vocalizer

Software solution Smiddle Vocalizer works as a part of the IVR and is designed to voice the necessary data to the subscriber, when the purpose of client’s addressing the contact center is getting some specific information.

The use of a high-quality, well-structured and customized IVR is the foundation on which the work of the contact centers of banks, insurance companies and other large organizations is built. Its use and high-quality tuning allows to significantly reduce the load on contact center agents and solve the problem or answer customer questions without communication with the agent. Clients often address the contact centers of banks in order to get information about the balance on their cards, the date of enrollment or the amount of funds deposited on the card. This information is stored in the bank system and all you need to do is voice it to the client.

Smiddle Vocalizer allows
you to synthesize and voice the
data of the following types:

  • number (both integers and decimal);
  •  date and time;
  •  sum of money.

This software product can be
used in conjunction with the
following operating environments:

  •  Cisco IP IVR;
  •  Cisco UCCX;
  •  Cisco CVP;
  •  In any other environment, which can execute HTTP-request to Web-server, where the resources are located.

Smiddle Vocalizer can return
the results in the
following formats:

  •  XML;
  •  JSON.

Using Vocalizer will bring significant benefits to the contact center of your organization, simplify and improve the level of customer service, save the resource of your agents, ensure the accuracy of data provision.

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