Smiddle 1C – Finesse Connector

Software solution for integration of 1C-based
CRM with Cisco Contact Center

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Smiddle 1C – Finesse Connector

Smiddle 1C – Finesse Connector What is Smiddle 1C – Finesse Connector?

Smiddle 1C- Finesse Connector is a software solution, a module that enables the interaction of Cisco Contact Center and 1C CRM for managing telephone calls.

Thanks to this module, using an additional panel in the CRM, the agent is able to work in a single interface without switching to other applications. Employees of the contact center can receive and make calls, switch them to other agents, while all information is stored in the CRM.

Advantages of using this software solution for business are to save time and improve the agents’ performance, due to the fact that the agent does not need to spend time and attention on switching between applications, since all work is done in one window.

Benefits of using
Smiddle 1C – Finesse Connector:

  •  Increasing the efficiency of agents;
  •  Comfortable work in single interface;
  •  Reduction in the number of errors in the transfer / registration of information;
  •  Improving the quality of customer service;
  •  Reduction of costs and increase in the company's profits.

Key Advantages
of the Connector:

  •  A single sign-on.
  •  Built-in management of all functions necessary for the contact center agent on the CRM panel, such as logging in and out of the contact, holding, redirecting a call, conference, etc.
  •  Any information transmitted from Finesse, such as ANI, DNIS and ECC variables, can be used to find and display customer information in a variety of ways.

Smiddle 1C – Finesse Connector is a solution that will optimize the work of agents in your contact center, make it more convenient, effective, and minimize the number of errors when working with client data.

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