Smiddle Smart Connect

The solution Smiddle Smart Connect (SC) is intended for automatic authentication of the employee at the
workplace and granting them access rights to the network resources depending on their profile

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Smiddle Smart Connect

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In a modern, dynamically changing world, a company employee can use any workplace. To do this, the employee must log in to their workplace, enter passwords to log in to the system, register their phone, obtain the rights to access network resources, and only after these mandatory procedures move on to performing their tasks. Ultimately, all these manipulations take a certain amount of operating time, which affects the efficiency of the work of employees.

When searching the ways for optimizing the work process in the office, we have developed the solution, which allows to reduce time necessary for execution of such routine operations as authentification and segmentation of access to the network resources.

The solution Smiddle Smart Connect (SC) is intended for automatic authentication of the employee at the workplace and granting them access rights to the network resources depending on their profile.The functionality of this software solution allows using various known authorization methods for quick registration of an employee in the system.

How is this useful? Due to SC possibilities, employees can access their personalized workstation and system settings through identity verification using, for example, a chip card or a palm print. This method of authorization allows not only to reduce the time for preparing agents for the working day, but also provides a higher level of data security through the possibility of personalized control over agents.

Today, the issue of security is becoming one of the most important and actual issues for every company. Particularly, it has become a key point in different companies due to the use of modern offices with open work space, taking into consideration the specificity of its utilization and mobility of the workplace.

Functionality of Smiddle Smart Connect:

  • 1Control of the users who are already authorized.
  • 2Automatic user unlink on CUCM on the previous RM when authorizing on another RM.
  • 3User WEB – interface for making settings.
  • 4Logs.
  • 5Tracking user authorization through CISCO ISE.
  • 6Automatic user authorization on the phone via CUCM.
  • 7The use of the Dynamic Access Control List on the ports, depending on the values of various Active Directory fields that characterize the employee.

How does it work?

The principle of operation of this solution is quite simple. If the necessary instruments for contactless authorization of the employee in the system are present, the process of authentification can be shortened to just a few seconds! All that the employee should do is attach the magnetic card with the chip, where the user's presets are registered, to the reader that automatically authorizes the employee in the system, where they will be able to immediately start working.

If the employee, for some reason, needs to change the workplace, they can be authorized on another computer by taking their settings to a different physical machine through a personal card. At the same time, the system automatically logs the user out from the previous workplace according to the security rules of access.

How this is useful:

Functionality of Smiddle SC allows to use modern authorization instruments for faster and safer access to the system. The speed of authentication with a chip card or biometric data will reduce the consumption of operating time, while maintaining the highest level of security for authorized access.

Increase the level of security of network interaction
of employees due to:

  • program definition of fractional network segments to increase flexibility (for example, to prevent the threat from spreading horizontally or quarantining a potentially compromised endpoint of an extensive system);
  • program automation of the management of segments and politics. In addition, SС tracks user inputs and outputs to the Cisco Identity Services Engine (CISCO ISE) workstation and automatically authorizes them on the phone in Extension Mobility assigned to this workstation.

In the database, the settings and logs are saved for a particular user.

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