Smiddle solution will allow you easily and quickly integrate the Cisco Contact Center (versions below 10.5) with Siebel CRM.

Solving the problem of building a single client base and combining information from some sources, companies often use one of the most popular CRM for large businesses - Oracle Siebel CRM. The implementation of this complex system requires considerable investment of time and money, CRM needs to be adapted to integrate with the Cisco contact center and the project may take several years ... The task is also complicated if the company uses the UCCE / PCCE contact center versions lower than 10.5 and upgrade is required, which does not support the standard Cisco Siebel Driver. Smiddle CRM Connector for Siebel is designed to provide a fast and seamless migration from Cisco Connector to Smiddle!

Smiddle CRM Connector for Siebel is a software product that allows a contact center operator to work in a single window, provides interaction with a contact center in Siebel using an additional phone call control panel directly in the CRM window. A single point of agent entry allows you to conveniently manage statuses and calls on the CRM panel, configure pop-up windows in CRM, display detailed information about the caller based on data received from calls using CallVariables transfer to CRM (for example, customer ID, as well as display multiple search results found on the input). The operator can open a customer card in CRM when there is an incoming call or make a call directly from the customer card and transfer information about the call to CRM.

Using the Smiddle software solution for the integration of Siebel CRM and the Cisco contact center allows you easily and quickly implement or update with a minimum investment of time and money.

Upgrading to a higher version of the Contact Center has never been easier:

1 - install Smiddle Siebel CRM Connector in Siebel, making minor edits to the .def file,

2- migrate UCCE / PCCE from version below 10.5 to the current version of UCCE / PCCE.

 And that's it! The system works without any changes or improvements in Siebel! The connector uses the same .def file as for the standard Cisco Siebel Driver. Using the same syntax as the Cisco Siebel Driver can significantly save your time and money.

Smiddle CRM Connector for Siebel will provide efficient and reliable integration for those customers who:
   - already uses UCCE or PCCE, versions up to 10.5 and plans to upgrade to current versions,
   - already uses Siebel CRM and plans to buy a Cisco contact center;

The connector interacts directly with the Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise CTI Server on the one hand and the Siebel Communication Server on the other, broadcasting information about changes between these systems. In addition, it allows you to save temporary information contained in a telephone call and transfer it between operators. On the Siebel side, only the standard Siebel Communication Server functionality is used, which allows to use a typical Siebel control panel in the Agent's Siebel Web client.

The practice of implementation confirms the reliability and stability in highly loaded systems with a load of 1500 or more simultaneously working operators.

Increasing sales, scaling a business and analyzing the results of marketing campaigns are all impossible today without a single customer base of the company. Smiddle CRM Connector for Siebel solution will allow you to connect your Siebel CRM and Cisco contact center in a short time and at no additional cost.

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