We are pleased to announce another expansion of the functionality of the solution for recording calls and chats in Smiddle Recording contact centers. Taking into account the needs of our clients and market demands, we regularly update and supplement the Smiddle solutions with new functionality, allowing our clients to use the best market developments.

That is why in the new version of Smiddle Recording v3.5 the following features have been implemented:

 - Operator screen recording, which allows you to track and record all the actions of the operator in the process of servicing the client from the first second of the call to the end of the call. Capturing processes on the screen provides valuable information not only about the actions of operators, but also about the work processes of internal systems. The use of screen recording together with voice recordings allows you to comprehensively assess the quality of the operator's work, as well as use the recordings for their training and professional development.

- Setting the storage duration of the recording, depending on the need, it is possible to set both the storage duration, for example, in days, and to set up the storage of records of individual user groups;

 - Changes in the recording quality settings depending on the capabilities of the network and customer storage;

 - Advanced search and filtering of records by various variables.

Using Smiddle Recording solutions, you can record calls and chats, set up video call and agent screen recordings, recognize and translate phone conversations into text, and evaluate the agent's performance.

All these features allow you to get the most useful information to improve the efficiency of both an individual operator and the entire call center as a whole.

 We do our best to ensure that our products are as effective and convenient as possible. To always be aware of our updates, follow the news on our website and on our pages in social networks.