The cybercrime market is constantly evolving, cybercriminals act very quickly, often change their tools and tactics, and in recent years there has been a significant increase in targeted cyber-attacks. Ensuring the security of information systems at an enterprise is becoming more and more complex process that requires reliable and flexible means of protection that allow solving problems of timely detection of attacks and incidents.

We keep up with the times and are pleased to present the new version of Smiddle Security Administration Platform 1.4!

Our Smiddle Security Administration Platform (SSAP) software helps you effectively defend against cable threats by enriching your Cisco FirePOWER firewalls in a timely manner.

In the new version, the SSAP product interface has become more informative and convenient, we have added more graphics:

- "License Monitoring" dashboard, which displays all licenses and the time of their activity: SSAP, Cisco FMC, CISCO Firepower and paid feeds: FS-List, Cisco Talos, Cisco Umbrella

- dashboard "Statistics of trips" with a graphical display of the number of trips on protection systems.


  • Updating the platform allows you to work with various data formats, we have expanded the loading capabilities and now the administrator can configure and organize the collection of indicators of compromise from web resources, including from the MISP platform, as well as work with formats: JSON, XML, CSV, STIX text and PDF reports.
  • Enhanced possibilities of creating a rule for selecting IOCs indicators, which can reduce the load on firewalls and at the same time enrich them much more effectively.
  • Added an indicator of compromise (IoC) page where you can see additional information about the statistics of detections, location in the distribution rules and the MISP platform.
  • Added the "Number of IoC" field on the "Pre-processing" and "Post-processing" pages, which makes it possible to see the number of indicators of compromise (IoC) in the resource.
  • We significantly expanded the possibilities of sorting and analysis, up to viewing information for each IOC, implemented the ability to add comments to each indicator of compromise (IoC).
  • Implemented the functionality of step-by-step resource creation with additional built-in parsing capabilities (collecting information from a file or remote servers) 

The new functionality of the SSAP 1.4 solution makes the work with the interface more convenient and comfortable, and the protection more effective and reliable.

According to world statistics, today most of the systems are either already hacked or may turn out to be hacked, so the main task of any security system is to detect an attack in the system as quickly as possible and shorten its window of opportunity so that it does not have time to cause irreparable harm.

The SSAP solution is a state-of-the-art solution for protecting and responding to cyber threats in a timely manner.

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