The successful implementation of Smiddle Omnichannel Messenger Connector software products and Chatbot at bank «Pivdenny» was the result of the coordinated work of the teams of Smiddle, our partner «IT Integrator» and the team of bank «Pivdenny», which is one of the largest commercial banks with Ukrainian capital and second among Ukrainian private banks in terms of assets.

The main goal of introducing the Smiddle Omnichannel Messenger Connector in Bank «Pivdenny» was to improve the quality of customer service and implement the omnichannel interaction strategy through such popular communication channels as Viber, FB Messenger, Telegram. As part of the project, Smiddle developed a proprietary Web chat widget for the Bank’s website and Chat-Bot. Considering the Bank’s needs in automating the service process, Chat-Bot, in addition to the information menu, included active operations, such as:

  • search for the nearest ATMs and branches using subscriber location data,
  • the ability to check the balance of the card and account directly from the messenger,
  • verification of exchange rates.

The project was completed on schedule in full. The system was fully integrated with the Bank’s Contact Center (CC) platform - Cisco. This allowed agents to serve the entire client flow in a single window. For facilitate communication with the subscriber, a multilingual quick response module with convenient search was also integrated. The ability to switch from a chatbot to an operator and vice versa within the framework of dialogue provides customers with a sense of continuity of service.

The introduction of Smiddle software solutions has significantly increased the productivity of the CC and reduced the load on operators. For example, the introduction of an online authentication process has reduced the number of phone calls by 20% and also allowed the Bank to become more accessible and comfortable for customers.

 “We, as a developer of software solutions, are always pleased to see their applicability and relevance. Our products are developed and modernized precisely thanks to such projects. I would like to note the excellent work of the entire team on the part of the Bank: very systematic, constructive and with a sense of humor inherent in Odessa” - commented business development director of Smiddle Alexander Mandrichenko.

It was an interesting and eventful project. The specifics of the Bank, as a financial organization, provides for increased security requirements for information systems. The «IT Integrator» company, with the strong support of Smiddle developers, ensured the reliability and security of software products, the solution passed the bank's internal test for compliance with the PCI DSS Standard.

“Thanks to the quick response of Smiddle developers and the active participation of the Bank’s representatives, we achieved success on time,” commented Development Director of «IT Integrator» Dmitriy Litvin.

Pivdenny Bank Project Manager Andrey Vadis said: “During the project implementation, we saw a lot of useful and interesting solutions, thanks to which new ideas appeared for further development of customer communication with the Bank. The developers implemented all the requirements of the Bank, which not only existed at the start of the project but also appeared during the implementation of the solution. Creativity and accessibility of the development team became the main factor that led to success in the project».

In the process of implementing our solutions in various industries, we are constantly developing and modernizing our products, and our existing customers always have access to updated versions of products.