By 2025, the contact center organization will be exploiting the benefits of an application ecosystem and tools to better equip staff to work in teams. Application leaders for customer service must assess the technology and changes for the future of work to provide cutting-edge customer experiences.


Application leaders responsible for customer service and support technology should:

Adopt a holistic customer service application suite approach to procuring contact center technology, focusing on how the technology improves connecting with customers, orchestrating engagements, access to knowledge and coordinating resources.

Use an application ecosystem approach to investing in contact center vendor technology that can power improvements by offering fluid and easy access to features and benefits.

Empower greater collaboration in customer service with digital workspaces, by favoring providers that offer the commercial model and mobile productivity features that will support the dissolution of the front-office/back-office divide.

Select contact center technology that’s built on a foundational approach to delivering the benefits of AI-based innovation, as well as being able to effortlessly combine with existing AI-based deployments or ongoing projects.