Omnichannel experience is a combination of all communication channels in one place while maintaining a single customer call history.  A lot of experts often confuse multichannel and omnichannel communication, while the difference between these communication systems is significant. Multichannel communication is the interaction with the client via several communication channels, while omnichinality allows you to combine all communication channels in one agent’s window with the ability to change communication channels with full preservation of the call history. 

Advantages of omnichannel experience:

• Convenience for the client - you can use the most convenient communication channel

• Agent’s work quality - a single interface ensures the availability of all channels and the convenience of their use, as well as the reaction speed

• Regardless of the communication channel, the agent can see the entire history of communication with the client and can process the request more quickly and efficiently

• The quality and speed of communication with customers increase brand loyalty.

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