Implementation of Smiddle CRM Connector for Siebel in one of Ukraine’s top banks.

In the world of modern technology, the efficiency of interaction with customers can significantly increase competitiveness of a company. Modern banks actively use advanced technologies to improve customer service and optimize operational processes. One of the keys to doing that is the effective management of interaction with customers and processing of their inquiries through the contact center. We are happy to share the experience of implementing Smiddle CRM Connector for Siebel, which allowed our client to optimize their processes and significantly improve their customer service.

Before implementation, the bank used software from the following vendors:
       Cisco Contact Center UCCE 10.5 
       and Siebel CRM version 15.08.

The systems were integrated using a standard Cisco driver. The working interface of the contact center agents was the Siebel system.

This is what the scheme looked like:

Contact Center  ⇒  Cisco CTI Server  ⇒  Cisco CTI OS Server  ⇒  Siebel Communication Server

New software versions were released, so at a certain point the customer needed to update both Cisco and Siebel to the latest current versions. The situation became particularly complex because starting with version 11, the Cisco CTI OS Server component was removed, and consequently, the existing Cisco connector did not support versions above 10.5. This necessitated a change in the integration architecture along with the upgrades.

The need to upgrade versions from Cisco Contact Center UCCE 10.5 to 12.0 and Siebel CRM from 15.08 to 21.8 appeared to be a serious challenge for the bank, i.e. upgrading either simultaneously or sequentially and doing it with minimal risks to the operation of the contact center.

The solution was Smiddle CRM Connector for Siebel, which made it possible to upgrade the systems in stages without stopping the contact center.
Cisco Contact Center UCCE was successfully upgraded from 10.5 to 12.0 and then to 12.6.1, and Siebel CRM from version 15.08 to 21.8 without disrupting the operation of the contact center.

Now the integration looks like this:

Contact Center  ⇒  Cisco CTI Server  ⇒  Siebel Communication Server
(Smiddle CRM Connector for Siebel is located on the Siebel side and connects to Cisco CTI Server directly)

Our connector ensured seamless integration between systems and allowed the bank to update the necessary software without interruption in services to clients.

Not only did Smiddle CRM Connector for Siebel solve the issue of version compatibility, but also brought additional benefits:

− Service continuity: The bank was able to update their systems without the risk of downtime, which is critical for financial institutions.

− Conservation of resources: Effective integration reduced the need for additional resources (time, finance, personnel) to manage two systems separately.

− High Service Quality Maintained: Agents continued to serve clients within a unified CRM window, significantly simplifying access to information, accelerating agent performance, and enhancing customer interactions.

− New Functional Capabilities: The connector enabled video calls within Siebel CRM, greatly simplifying the customer service process, facilitating the resolution of complex issues, and improving interactions.

Consolidation of voice and video communications in the recording and reporting system increased efficiency.
The implementation of Smiddle CRM Connector for Siebel in one of the leading banks in Ukraine is an example of how technological innovations can solve complex challenges, improve and increase the efficiency of customer service. This case confirms that Smiddle’s technological solutions can bring significant benefits to any company striving for innovation and improvement.

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