At the beginning of the year, we traditionally sum up the results of the past year, talk about our achievements and plans. The past year 2022 has been challenging in many ways – it has been another year full of unexpected changes, challenges, uncertainty and losses. The war in Ukraine has made it necessary to make many adjustments, because our R&D center is located in Ukraine, so at the beginning of the year the main task was to preserve the team and ensure the uninterrupted work of the entire company.

Users of Smiddle software products belong to various sectors of the economy, our solutions help to support and serve customers in banking and insurance, healthcare and tourism, telecommunications, property management, public (state) services, heavy industry and energy. Our software products are in demand in almost all industries and help businesses achieve their goals. Therefore, it is very important that Smiddle solutions meet modern requirements in the field of communications and service. Despite the difficulties of 2022, we continued to work on updating and improving our solutions, we reviewed the architecture of the entire ecosystem of Smiddle software modules to improve ease of installation and configuration. We have updated the functionality of almost all our products to version 4.20.

Here are some important updates:

Smiddle Security Administration Platform is a solution for automatic processing of sources of compromise; we implemented the ability to set the parameters for obtaining information via MISP, added Echo url to connect external monitoring systems,  and added the ability to deploy the Smiddle Security Administration Platform in a container.

Smiddle Сontact Manager is a product for organizing interaction with clients: the ability to search for customer data and their requests has been improved, an IVR mode has been added for output campaigns, and the interface has been improved for greater ease of use.

Smiddle Recording is a solution for recording conversations and chats. A new type of recording has been added - recording video calls and the ability to simultaneously record audio conversations from the voice gateway and telephone sets. Report templates have been updated in the Smiddle Quality Management operator evaluation module.

Smiddle Video Conference Extender is software for extending the functionality of Cisco Meeting Server. The function of access control of conference participants has been implemented by dividing conferences into: "Waiting Room" and "Meeting Room".

Smiddle Scripting is a solution for creating scripts for communicating with clients. Implemented the ability to simultaneously run several scripts by an agent to serve non-voice channels of communication.

Smiddle Omnichannel is a software solution for text messaging between a contact center agent and customers. Two new connectors have been developed: Smiddle Omnichannel CRM Connector and Smiddle Omnichannel Instagam Direct Connector. Smiddle Omnichannel CRM Connector allows CRM system developers to organize a contact center operator's workplace to handle calls, chats and video calls from clients in the CRM interface, while maintaining the chat processing logic configured in the contact center. Smiddle Omnichannel Instagram Direct Connector allows you to receive messages from Instagram Direct. Also adapted Smiddle Web-Chat widget for receiving video calls. An interface has been created that is convenient to use in the Finesse UCCX shell to send files from a contact center operator in a chat. This interface also allows you to run multiple scripts to handle multiple chats.

Taking into account the current needs of the market and the demand in the current conditions to maintain communication between business and customers, in 2022 we released 2 new software products:

Smiddle Telegram Gateway - a software solution that combines office IP-telephony and Telegram messenger, allows you to receive and make calls from corporate telephony / contact center in Telegram, keep in touch with customers who have changed operators and are outside of Ukraine.

Smiddle Webex to UCCE Connector is a video calling solution that allows customers to make calls from a website or mobile application to a contact center or CRM, where operators receive calls according to the specified routing rules. This year we will continue to improve our software products and plan to focus on new technologies. In order not to miss anything, follow us on social networks Facebook и LinkedIn.