The effectiveness and reliability of the Smiddle Security Administration Platform (SSAP) software solution have been confirmed by one of the leading leaders in the cybersecurity software market - Cisco. And Smiddle was added to the list of Cisco Secure Technical Alliance Partners.

The integration of SSAP and Cisco enables CISCO Secure Firewall (formerly Firepower) users to improve threat control, manage hardware workloads, and improve security efficiency through automation and ease of use. The Smiddle Security Administration Platform software solves the basic problem of centrally collecting indicators of compromise from various information security sources. SSAP processes indicators of compromise from different sources and in different formats, automatically normalizes, correlates and prepares them for further sending to the appropriate security devices. This allows you to adjust the load on the safety devices and use them more efficiently.

   SSAP solves the problem of a lot of numbers of indicators that security devices cannot process.
   Increases the effectiveness of the use of security tools by providing only unique and relevant indicators of compromise.
  Reduces staff workload by automating the processing of IoC lists.

You can learn more about the benefits of the software solution and order a demo on the Smiddle Security Administration Platform page.