Dear friends, clients and partners!

We continue to work and support all our customers providing the necessary assistance to our partners. Smiddle condemns Russian aggression and war in Ukraine. Therefore, we stopped any activities related to Belarus and Russia.

Smiddle’s Ukrainian office continues to work remotely. In Ukraine, as always, we support all our customers and provide all the necessary assistance. Ukraine is going through hard times, it’s a period of upholding Independence, Dignity and Sovereignty. In such times, we see the need to help Ukrainian governmental structures and businesses to be protected as much as possible. Smiddle team makes a big effort to help organize protection against cyber attacks.

Smiddle Security Administration Platform (SSAP) solution is already helping many companies and organizations to effectively monitor cyber threats today. To support Ukrainian businesses, governmental organizations and critical infrastructure facilities, we offer a free 6 months period of using our Smiddle Security Administration Platform solution. The offer is open to both commercial and governmental organizations using Cisco equipment in their Security Operations Center (SOC). Our solution enables load balancing and more efficient use of Cisco FirePOWER firewalls.

 Using our SSAP solution, you get the opportunity to:

   - Automatically process huge arrays of indicators

   - Enrich means of protection only with high-quality, relevant indicators

   - Significantly reduce the chance of false positives

   - Urgently enrich the equipment with the "RED BUTTON" function красная кнопка, кнопка красная, кнопка, Разное, 3D Компьютерная графика png  | PNGEgg

The quick installation feature and user-friendly intuitive interface allow you to get started in no time. Using SSAP as an indicator of compromise manager will greatly increase the efficiency of your Security Operations Center. We are ready to help and provide advice on the integration and implementation of the Smiddle Security Administration Platform solution to protect you against cyber threats.

Contact us - we will help!