On September 23, Kyiv hosted the first National Cybersecurity Cluster Summit with the National Cybersecurity Coordination Center (NCCC) participating under the NSDC and the US Civilian Research and Development Foundation (CRDF Global).

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The National Cybersecurity Cluster is a coordination platform that brings together the resources, capabilities, competencies of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, the US Civilian Research and Development Foundation, government organizations, international partners, and the private sector. Its main task is to increase the level of the strategic potential of the national cybersecurity system, develop a professional cyber community and ensure a safe cyberspace in Ukraine.

The purpose of the summit was to summarize the results of the Cluster's activities in the first half of 2021, identify development priorities for the future and formulate plans for interaction with international partners.

The event participants emphasized that this year has become important primarily due to the adoption of a new cybersecurity strategy and discussed the key needs for strengthening the cybersecurity of institutions.

One of the main problems stated during the discussion is the problem of the exchange of information about threats between departments and organizations. It turns out that public and private organizations are in dire need of up-to-date knowledge about existing or new threats. It often happens that information about an attack spreads very slowly and valuable time is lost.

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Summit participants agreed that speed of response to threats is essential. There is a lack of a single platform for convenient and quick exchange of information. Establishing a platform to receive threat intelligence in a timely manner, download that data and include it in the list of relevant indicators of compromise (IoC) will help prevent a threat or significantly minimize losses.

Joining forces against cybercriminals, leveraging shared knowledge, and sharing threat intelligence are recognized as the top priorities for the Cluster's development.