Smart SIP Proxy

Contact center software designed to replace outgoing phone numbers with numbers
from an easily modified list of alternative phone numbers.

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Smart SIP Proxy

smiddle smart sip proxy Smart Sip Proxy

Smiddle Smart SIP Proxy is a software solution designed for contact centers to replace outgoing phone numbers with different numbers. Changing phone numbers limits the ability of subscribers to block/reject company calls or add them to a black list. All replacement numbers must be owned by your company.

When calling clients for certain reasons such as debt repayment, in may happen that clients do not want to communicate with the operator and can ignore calls or block the number from your contact center. In order to increase the likelihood of successfully reaching subscribers, we have developed the Smiddle Smart SIP Proxy product, which will help make the person you are trying to contact see a new phone number. This will significantly increase the likelihood that your managers will be able to contact subscribers.

Smiddle Smart SIP Proxy

Our software enables contact centers, including outsourced ones, to work with clients in various areas. Also, in case it is necessary to make calls to subscribers who may have certain reasons for ignoring the calls of the operator. Using Smiddle Smart SIP Proxy software will provide invaluable assistance in improving the efficiency of dialing and achieving the business goals of your company.

Imagine the situation:

After a certain number of calls received from a representative of a bank or collection service, the subscriber sends the number to a black list. How to deal with this situation? One of the possible options would be to purchase and install an entire set of telephony hardware and software infrastructure to be able to call the desired client from different phone numbers.

But there is another, simpler solution - Smiddle Smart SIP Proxy. Thanks to this software solution, the contact center operator can call the necessary subscribers from different phone numbers, pre-configuring the system will automatically change the outgoing call number and the client will see a completely different number on his phone, which will bypass the black list. At the same time, the number of telephone numbers from which a call will be made is not limited at all, and the ability to substitute the necessary prefixes will allow you to determine which provider (operator) code will be substituted when calling a specific subscriber.

Smiddle Smart SIP Proxy software works only with Cisco equipment.

Main features:

  •  Support for CUCM (Cisco Unified Communications Manager) and Gateway connection.
  • Analysis of SIP traffic to replace the outgoing phone number with another number, in accordance with a pool of phone numbers.
  • Ability to define a separate list - a pool of phones by prefixes (a separate pool of numbers for each prefix).
  •  Cyclic substitution of phone numbers from the list in turn.
  •  Logging.
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  •  Import a pool of phone numbers from a CSV file.
  •  The phone pool contains a list of "default" phones. The default list returns the number if the required prefix (the first 3 digits of the subscriber's number) is not found in the pool.
  •  User WEB – interface for making settings.
  •  User management:
    • access authorization;
    • flexible creation of roles based on the requirements necessary to complete tasks;
    • assignment of rights through roles;
    • authorization through Active Directory is supported when entering the administrative page;
    • distribution of access through the tree of groups of users.

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