Smart SIP Proxy

Smiddle Smart SIP Proxy is a software solution designed to substitute outgoing
phone numbers with other numbers from an easily modifiable list.

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Smart SIP Proxy

smiddle smart sip proxy Smart Sip Proxy

In the process of calling customers for different purposes, there are situations when it is necessary to call the client and establish contact, for example, in case of a need to repay a loan or other debt. Unfortunately, it often happens so that subscribers do not want to communicate with the agent and can ignore calls from a familiar number, or blacklist the number. In order to increase the probability of contacting the subscribers, we have developed Smiddle Smart SIP Proxy software product. It works so that every time a manager calls, the subscriber sees a new phone number. This solution will highly increase the likelihood that your managers will contact the subscribers the need to talk to.

Smiddle Smart SIP Proxy

This is a software solution designed to substitute outgoing phone numbers with other numbers from an easily modifiable list. Changing of phone numbers limits the ability of subscribers to block / reject calls of the company, or add them to the black list. Your company must own all numbers that are subject to substitution.

Imagine the following situation:

After a number of received calls from the collection service representative, the subscriber blacklisted the phone number. How to deal with this situation? One of the possible options is the purchase and installation of a hardware and software telephony infrastructure to get the possibility of calling the subscriber from different phone numbers.

But there is another, more simple and effective solution – Smiddle Smart SIP Proxy. Thanks to this software solution, the implementation of the procedure of calling the necessary subscribers from different phone numbers is reduced to a simple dialing. The preliminary configuration of the system will automatically replace the outgoing call number and the client will see on his phone a completely different number that will bypass the black list. In this case, the quantity of telephone numbers from which the call will be made is unlimited, and the ability to substitute the necessary prefixes will allow to determine which code will be substituted when calling a particular subscriber.

The main functions of the product:

  •  Support of CUCM (Cisco Unified Communications Manager) and Gateway connection.
  •  Analysis of SIP traffic to substitute the outgoing phone number by another number, according to the specified list, the pool of phone numbers.
  •  Ability to determine a separate list of the phone numbers pool by prefixes (a separate phone numbers pool for each prefix).
  •  Cyclic substitution of phone numbers from the list one by one.
  •  Logs.
  •  Import of a pool of phone numbers from a CSV file format.
  •  The phone numbers pool contains a list of numbers "by default". The default list provides the number in the case if the required prefix (the first 3 digits of the subscriber's number) has not been found in the pool.
  •  User WEB – interface for making settings.
  •  User management:
    • authorized access;
    • flexible creation of roles based on the requirements for the performed tasks;
    • assignment of rights through roles;
    • authorization through Active Directory is supported, when entering the administrative page;
    • distribution of access through the tree of groups of users.

In the situation when you should call the subscribers who may have some reasons to ignore the calls of the agents, use of Smiddle Smart SIP Proxy will be very effective for increasing the efficiency of establishing contact with subscribers and achievement of business goals of your company.

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