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Smiddle Quality of Service
This product will help you to achieve the ideal service in your contact center. Identify the shortcomings in the communication of your agents and eliminate them, taking the quality of work to the highest level.

Outstanding service is one of the key factors for the client and a competitive advantage over other companies in the market

We propose to solve the task of monitoring and improving the quality of service in the contact center by using a special system. It provides a possibility to monitor and evaluate the work of agents and to generate reports providing a complete picture of the work of every agent and the quality of service in the contact center according to selected criteria.

Smiddle Quality of Service system created by our company allows us to effectively implement this control. To evaluate the agents’ work, a number of criteria are used and grouped together. You can define the necessary criteria yourself, choosing those criteria that are important for your business. The system provides an opportunity to create checklist templates, using which you can group the criteria for

evaluating the agents exactly as the goals of your business require. The system allows you to download all statistics data to a Microsoft Excel / PDF file and receive summary statistics on agents, supervisors, groups and checklist forms.

This product is used by contact center supervisors. When listening to a call, the supervisor evaluates the conversations of the agents with the help of checklists formed from the evaluation criteria. Each criterion can be given a specific weight, depending on how crucial this criterion is for the final evaluation. The sum of the weights of all criteria within the checklist is always 100. The evaluation of the supervisor is tied to the name of the agent, which makes it possible to receive reports on the work of contact center employees and make decisions on the measures aimed at eliminating shortcomings in work and to encourage the best employees. In order to avoid manipulation, the system provides ability to evaluate the agent's call by one supervisor only once.

Ease of use

The work of the system is performed in such way that the quality control manager has to make minimal efforts, simply by setting up estimates for conversations by groups of criteria indicated in checklists.

Protection against manipulation with evaluation

After the evaluation of the conversation has taken place, it is prohibited to change ratings in order to avoid possible manipulation. However, another supervisor may separately evaluate the same call.

Getting all the necessary reports

The user of this system can get various detailed reports, demonstrating the level of performance of every individual agent according to different criteria and the rating of the contact center as a whole. Thus, you can analyze, for example, the level of the agent's competence, and whether this indicator has improved after the training. Also, there is a possibility of seeing the dynamics of the service quality in general and what component of the service requires attention, improvement, and training.

Easy installation and support

Installation of the product does not require significant efforts of technical staff and takes minimum amount of time.

Quality of Service Client Assessment module is an additional tool for assessing the quality of the agent's work from the client side.

This solution will allow receiving a feedback from the client concerning the service provided. Setting up an IVR according to the needs of your business, you will get an opportunity to know the customer's opinion, for example, about how polite the agent was when communicating with the client, or about the agent's competence with issues the client was interested in.

The results of the customer survey are implemented as a separate checklist and mark records in the system. This allows the supervisor to pay special attention when ranking on those calls that have a negative customer feedback.