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Smiddle Campaign Manager
A software product for conducting and processing the results of large outbound campaigns in the Contact Center

Smiddle Campaign Manager extends Cisco Dialer functional, providing a range of useful functions, which allow to optimize and to create the right structure of the campaign effectively.

Conducting outgoing campaigns in the call center requires special preparation in order to get a maximum return on ringing round the subscribers list. Whatever your aim is, let it be cold-calling for selling goods and services, or informing the existing customers, careful planning as well as the results processing, contributes greatly to your success.

By using the functional of Smiddle Campaign Manager, you will get a maximum return on your outgoing campaigns in the call center by having a powerful instrument for planning the ringing round campaigns and processing their results!


  • Организация процесса проведения обзвона абонентов для выполнения задач по продажам, удержанию, развитию, информированию клиентов.
  • Настройка необходимой структуры данных клиентов, отдельно для каждой кампании.
  • Гибкая настройка нужной структуры результатов, которые на свое усмотрение может сформировать сам пользователь.
  • Возможность интеграции с другими системами для передачи и получения данных (например, скрипта из Agent Scripting).
  • Сбор данных для получения комплексной картины обзвона, которая включает данные абонентов, результативность дозвона от Cisco Dialer, результаты зафиксированные агентами.

Key functions of the module

  • Organization of the process of calling customers for different purposes, such as sales, retention, development, informing and so on.
  • Customization of the necessary customer data structure, separately for every campaign.
  • Flexible adjustment of the desired structure of results, which the user can create at their own discretion.
  • Possibility of integration with other systems to transfer and retrieve data (for example, a script from Agent Scripting).
  • Collection of data to obtain a comprehensive picture of the ringing round campaign, which includes subscriber data, the effectiveness of dialing from Cisco Dialer, the results recorded by agents.

Statistics of the results

After the ringing round is completed, the results can be exported to Microsoft Excel and / or transferred to external systems for further processing and analysis.